Digital Learning Academy

What We Believe - DLA Program Philosophy

  • Create a positive, safe, and tolerant educational environment
  • Keep students academically engaged and socially involved in small school community
  • Provide academic and social enrichment to foster soft skills vital to school and life success
  • Alternative environment but not alternative rules
    • Clear boundaries, expectations, and consequences are explained to students and parents
    • Consequences will be followed through with consistency
  • Parent involvement is important to student success
    • Participation at intake meetings to receive information about DLA and its policies
    • Communication between DLA staff and parents

What We Offer - Academic Coursework

  • Curriculum:
    • DLA students access academic course material through online programs and digital media. Online curriculums used are Florida Virtual School and Compass Learning.  In addition, other supplemental materials may be used based on student needs.
    • High School Students:
      • Students who attend the DLA will concentrate on core courses in the following subjects:
        • Math
        • Language Arts
        • Social Studies
        • Science: the digital-based curriculum is available and will be supported at a distance by a licensed district teacher.
        • Electives: Students may be eligible to take a limited number of electives
        • Transcripts will be reviewed and appropriate coursework will be assigned based on credit needs, length of placement, as well as student input. 
      • Students will remain attached to home school in Infinite Campus but schedule will be at DLA.
      • Credits earned at DLA will be entered directly into Infinite Campus.
    • Middle School Students:
      • Students who attend the DLA will concentrate on coursework in the four core areas:
        • Math
        • Language Arts
        • Social Studies
        • Science  
      • The home school will maintain a schedule for the student and DLA staff will send grades to them to be entered into Infinite Campus.
  • Enrichment Activities:
    • Students will participate weekly affective education facilitated by a counselor, social worker and teaching staff.
    • At times students may be asked to participate in activities outside of their core coursework. The purpose is to allow students to interact with each other as well as staff in an effort to make their placement at the DLA as rewarding as possible.

Teaching Model

  • Instructional delivery is based on a blended learning model.
    • This is a combination of traditional instruction and online learning and both will be used where appropriate and based on student needs.
  • Students will utilize an online curriculum, digital media as well as traditional learning materials
  • A blended model allows for students to have a degree of control over their learning experience.

What We Expect - A-B-C

  • Attendance:
    • We expect students to attend and be punctual. Attendance issues are a major source of failure. We expect students to arrive each day prepared to work hard.
  • Behavior:
    • We expect students to live up to their end of the behavior bargain. They should respect the building, their peers and staff as well as themselves by working hard.
  • Credits:
    • We expect high school students to earn credits toward graduation and middle school students to further their preparation for high school.
    • Meaningful effort toward these academic goals is required for attendance.


  • Students attend 3 hours per day - either 7:45-10:45 or 12-3.
    • Due to the shortened nature of the school day and ability for students to access curriculum digitally students are required to do 60 minutes of homework daily.
    • DLA calendar follows SVVSD calendar
      • This includes late start and vacation days

Who We Are

  • DLA staff include:
    • General education teacher highly qualified in language arts and social studies
    • General education teacher highly qualified in  math and social studies
    • Special education teacher
    • School counselor
    • Social worker
    • Administrators
    • Consulting teachers on an as-needed basis


For more information, please contact: 303-678-5662
Donna Thompson, Extension 57665