Life Skills ACE

Life Skills ACE

Life Skills Alternative Cooperative Education Services (LSACE) provides post secondary transition services for students 18-21 years of age, who have completed their high school credits and have socially graduated. Our program focuses on building independent living skills, social skills, career/employment skills, community based education and functional academics.  There are three pathways in the LS-ACE program:  Community-Based, Career Exploration and College/Industry Readiness.

Community Based Education

Provides students with classroom and community experiences that will provide opportunities for students to find their talents and gifts and contribute to their environment by giving to others.  Students in the Community Based Education strand will increase their independence, supporting increases in confidence and advocacy.  The exploration of post-education living options, recreation/leisure activities and the development of personal and social skills are included in this strand.

Career Exploration and Work Experience

Provides classroom and community experiences that will support students with identifying a career/work path that is attainable.  Students will identify needed skills for the world of work and receive direct skill instruction and practice of those skills to prepare them for work.  This could include career/technical classes, vocational instruction and integrated/supported employment exploration.  The School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP) will assist with providing volunteer opportunities, job shadows and internships to prepare the student for a career of interest and possible employment. 

College and Industry Readiness 

Supports students who have chosen a career path and are preparing for public community college, technical trade school/industry education or four-year college/university.  Students will continue to work on academic skills, interpersonal relationships, application and acceptance process and possible participation in the program supporting their college/industry path.

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