Digital Learning Academy

Digital Learning Academy (DLA)

The Digital Learning Academy (DLA) provides educational services during a transitional placement. Eductional services include both academic and social/emotional instruction and support. Placements at the DLA are temporary, typically one semester or less. Once complete, students typically transition back to their home school or a more permanent alternative setting. The DLA is best suited for secondary students.

What We Believe - DLA Program Philosophy
  • We believe that the Digital Learning Academy is a positive, safe, and tolerant educational environment.
  • We believe that learning increases when we keep students academically engaged and socially involved in a small supportive school community.
  • We believe that DLA provides academic and social enrichment opportunities that foster soft skills that are vital to school and life success.
  • We believe in the concept of alternative environment rather than alternative rules.
  • Clear boundaries, expectations, and management strategies are explained to students and parents during orientation.
  • Management strategies and interventions will be implemented fairly and consistently.
  • We believe that parent involvement is important to student success and we seek a collaborative partnership with all of our parents.
  • We expect parents to attend an intake meeting to receive information about DLA and its policies.
  • We believe in open lines of communication between DLA staff members and the parents we serve.

Meet our team:

James DiPilato
Dean of Students
303-702-7624 x57624

Donna Stampfle
303-702-7655 x57655

Whitney Weis
Social Worker

Julie Johnson
Special Education Teacher

Erin Ellis

Rebecca Reid