Family Coaching

As a way to enhance Main Street School’s support of students and families, our social work team offers Family Coaching opportunities throughout the year.  Family Coaching will consist of ongoing meetings between social workers and students’ families, in order to increase families’ skills around behavior support, communication, coping, problem-solving, etc., which also helps to foster generalization of skills between the school and the home. Sessions will be provided by each student’s Main Street School social worker.  Extended school hours are offered once a week as well as during the typical school day hours to make it more convenient for families to attend.  Topics and goals for Family Coaching sessions will be dependent upon identified family needs and priorities centered around student social-emotional growth.  Likewise, in order to establish an optimal environment for family problem-solving, social workers and families will collaborate on a case-by-case basis to determine appropriate attendees for these sessions.  Parents/caregivers that wish to benefit from this service should contact their student's designated school social worker.