School Profile

Main Street School operates as part of St. Vrain Valley Schools and provides services to students with emotional disabilities and their families who need a structured, therapeutic educational setting.

Our Mission – Main Street School provides a comprehensive, structured, and positive academic and therapeutic environment with individualized and strength based services for students to gain the tools needed to achieve their potential.

Enrollment and placement at Main Street School is an IEP team decision.  Referrals to Main Street School are made through the special education process within St. Vrain Valley Schools or in conjunction with special education departments through outside referring school districts.

  • Main Street School operates through a strength based model, which incorporates the following values:
    • All children are treated as individuals with dignity and worth.
    • We respect each child’s ability and potential for positive growth.
    • The display of problematic behavior presents an opportunity for children to learn new skills.
    • We create a safe, supportive, predictable environment which fosters a child’s sense of health and well-being.
    • We teach students to develop empathy and take responsibility.
    • All interventions are guided by what is in the best interest of the child.
    • We teach students skills based upon individualized assessments of their academic and therapeutic needs.
    • We actively involve students in the problem solving process.